About Us

My Experiences

Having worked directly with customers throughout my career, I know exactly how important it is for a business to win their customers at every touch point. I’ve worked in corporations such as Salesforce as well as in small startup tech companies consisting of only 3 employees. As a result, I’ve worn many hats that have allowed me to pick up several skills. By understand the goals and objectives of each business I’ve worked with, I cater my services specifically around those needs. I’ve done this by building websites, support pages, creating blog and social media content, growing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram follower base, and much more!

I ❤ Local

As a resident of Vancouver, BC, I am a big supporter of local small businesses. I truly believe that local small businesses help shape how a community becomes a whole. As a result, I’m committed to helping your business get the right website for you. We can work together in making sure that you’re thrilled with the finished website!

I also believe that social media is very powerful tool for local small businesses. Through community engagement, you can really make your business stand out with your customer base. It can also help you bring new customers into your stores. I can help you set up up your Instagram and Facebook accounts to get the ball rolling. Then, we can create a strategy to gain followers and likes organically. We’ll discuss content calendars, blog post ideas, analytics, and more.

Let’s Chat!

At first, this all can seem intimidating or time consuming, however, after working together, we’ll simplify the process and move things along at your pace. Through optional ongoing support, I’ll make sure that the services which I provide will set you up for success!

So, let’s discuss how we can work together. Send me a brief message below to let me know you’re interested and we can make some time to chat!

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